Fumoto: Other Industrial Engines

Engine Oil Drain Valve Application Chart
(Industrial Engines)
(Add letter "N" for Nipple type: i.e. T-203N)

Engine Make Engine Model Part #
Allis Chalmers 213, 320, 426 engines F-108
Briggs & Stratton Small engines with NPT-3/8 plug F-110
Large engines with NPT-1/2 plug T-202
Continental Late model engines from 41AL00200 T-204
Older engines upto W4B00106 T-208
Small pump/gen-set engines with NPT-3/8 plug F-110
Deutz FM1008 F-109
F5L912, F6L912 engines FG-7B
B/FL413, B/FL513, B/FL912, B/FL913, B/FL914, BFM1015 FG-7
W1450 F-108
F3L1011F,FL/M1011,BFM1012,BFM1013,FL/M2011,BFM2012,BFM2013 F-104
Henschel All engines FG-7
Hercules G1600 engines F-101
G, D Series, 1500, 1700, 2000, 2300, 3000, 300T, 3400, 4800 T-208
Honda-Industrial Most engines F-109
Isuzu See Heavy Duty Truck engines
Iveco-Fiat Z110, Z120TA, Z220, Z220T, Z230T, Z340T, Z450T FG7B
John Deere 3029(Oil pan # 1901), 4239(Oil pan # 1901 & 1902), 6359(Oil pan # 1905) T-201 or T-202
3029(Oil pan # 1906), 3179(Oil pan #1904), 4219, 4239, 6068, 6081, 6329 T-206
3029(Oil pan #1909), 4045(Oil pan #1944), 6068(Oil pan # 1944), 4022 FG7B
4045( All, except oil pan # 1944), 6068(All, except oil pan # 1944) F-104
4276(Oil pan # 1904 & 1908), 6359(Oil pan # 1916), 219, 329 T-206
6081(All except oil pan # 1905�c.#1905 takes T-206 only) T-201 or T-206
4239(Oil pan # 1901 & 1902), 6359(Oil pan # 1905) T-201 or T-202
8105, 8125�c.( *To be used with Adapter ADP-116) T-204*
7.6L(Oil pan # 1920) T-201
341, 359, 362, 404, 414, 466, 955, 6359(Oil pan # 1908) T-209
6362, 6076, 6404, 6466, 6531, 6619, 8955 T-209
Kohler Small engines with NPT-3/8 plug F-110
Large engines with NPT-1/2 plug T-202
Komatsu 3D72(except 3D72-2BA), 3D75, 3D75N, 3D78(except 3D78-1F), 3D78N FG-7B
3D72-2BA(Serial #1001-3000), 3D80, 3D84, 3D84N(except 3D84N-2AA, 4D84 FG-7B
KDP20T, KDP30T, KDP40T, S3D84, S3D84E, 1D75, 1D84, 2T75L, 3D62AE F-108
2D68E, 3D66, 3D72N, 3D78-1F, 3D84E, 3D84N-2AA, 2D75, 3D68E, 3D63 F-108
105 Series engines FG-8
Kubota Z600B, D722, D782 F-108
V2203, D1503 FG-7B
D1105, D1102, D1302, D1402, D600, D750, D850, D950, F2302, S2600, S2800 F-103
V1100, V1502, V1702, V1902, V4300, ZB600C, Z400, Z500, Z751, Z851 F-103
Lister-Petter Delta Series, X-Range Series (X-86, X-90) F-106
Onan Onan engines with NPT-3/8 plug F-110
Perkins All engines upto 8 cyl. 540 cubic inches T-204
Scania P112M, P112H, T112M, R112M FG-6
Wisconsin VH4D, AENL and other engines with NPT-3/8 plug F-110
VG4D and other engines with NPT-1/2 plug T-202
V465D and other engines with NPT-3/4 plug T-201
Wisconsin-Robin EY18/3W, EY44W, EY27, W1340, W1185 F-106
Yanmar-Industrial TS50, T50C, TS60, TS60C, TS70, TS80, TS80C, TS105, TS105C, 2T72HLE, F-108
2T75HLE, 3T75HLE, 3T84HLE, 2T90LE, 3T80LE, 3T90LE, 3TN663S, 3TN66EG2 F-108
3T95LE, 4T95LE, 4T95LTE, 6T95LE, 6T95LTE FG-6
3TNA72ES, 3TNA72EG2, 3TN75ES, 3TN75EG1, 3TN75EG2, 3TN82ES FG-7B
3TN82EG1, 3TN82EG2, 4TN82TES, 4TN82TEG1, 4TN82TEG2 FG-7B
Yanmar-Marine 4PH-ME, 4PH-MTE, All QM & JH Series engines F-108
1GM10 FG-7B


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