Fumoto: Import Passenger Cars/Light Truck Engines

Engine Oil Drain Valve Application Chart
(Import Passenger Cars/Light Truck Engines )
(Adapter required for oil pans with recessed oil plug)

Alpha Romeo All models FG7B
Audi 80/80 Quattro('88-'92), 90/90 Quattro('88-'91), 100/100 Quattro('89-'91), 200/200 Quattro('89-'91) F-106
90/90 Quattro('90-'91 20 valve), 100/100 Quattro('92-'94), 200 Quattro('90-'91 20 valve) T-207
V8 Quattro('90-'94), A8/A8 Quattro('97-on) FG-8
S4('92-'94), S6('95-''97), Cabriolet('94-'98), A4/A4 Quattro(4 cyl.-upto '96), A6/A6 Quattro('95-'96) T-207
'97 & on, A4/A4 Quattro(4 cyl.) & TT(1.8L Turbo)--- *Require adapter ADP-207 due to recessed plug T-207*
S4('00-on), S6('01-on), A4/A4 Quattro(V6), A6/A6 Quattro('97-on), Allroad('01 & on) F-106
All other models F-106
Acura All V6 engines('99 & on oil pans with recessed plug require adapter ADL-106) F-106
All 4cyl. engines('99 & on oil pans with recessed plug require adapter ADP-106) F-106
BMW All models up to 1980 FG7B
All models from 1981 & on (oil pans with recessed plug require adapter ADP-109) F-109
Fiat All models FG7B
Honda All models up to 1983 F-105
'98 & on, Accord(4cyl.), Prelude, S2000 require adapter ADP-106) F-106
'99 & on V6 engines require adapter ADL-106 F-106
All other models from '84 & on F-106
Hyundai All models F-106
Infinity All models F-103
Isuzu 2x4 Pup engines & 4BD1 truck engines F-105
89 - '91 Trooper II F-107
All other engines F-106
Jaguar '98 & on, V8 engines F-106
'00 & on, V6 engines F-107
Kia All models. ('00 - on models require adapter ADP-106) F-106
Lexus All models F-103
Mazda All models except '95 & on Pickups (see Ford applications for '95 & on pickups) F-106
Mercedes 560SEL, 560SEC, 500SEL, 500SEC, 450SEL, 420SEL, 400E, 380SE, 300SD, 300D(up to '85) F-109
300TD(up to '85), 300CD, 240D, 280E, 280CE, 280SE, 190D(2.2-up to '84), 190E(2.3-up to '84) F-109
560SL, 450SL, 450SLC, 380SL, 380SLC T-207
350 SDL, 300TE, 300SDL, 300SE, 300SEL, 300D('87), 300TD('87), 300CE, 300E, C280, 260E F-106
190E(2.6 & 2.3 - 16), 190E(2.3 - '85 to '93), 190D(2.5), 190D(2.2 - '85 to '89) F-106
All other modesl from '86 & on F-106
Mini Cooper '03 & on, all models F-106
Mitsubishi All models('01 & on Montero requires adapter ADL-106) F-106
Nissan All models from 1990 & on F-103
Sentra('83 & on), Pulsar('83 & on), 200SX('84 & on), Gas trucks, 300ZX, Maxima('85& on) F-103
Stanza Wagon('86 & on) F-103
All other models(up to '89) F-102
Peugeot 505 Gas Turbo F-105
All other models F-108
Porsche 911(All), 928(up to '81), 930(up to '77) FG7B
928('82 & on), 930('78 & on), 944(All) F-105
924 T-207
912E, 914 F-109
Boxter('97 & on) F-104
Renault All models F-108
Saab All models F-106
Subaru All models F-105
Suzuki All models F-106
Toyota All models from 1993 & on F-103
85 & on Tercel, Celica, MR2, Gas Corolla, Gas trucks F-103
Van('86 & on), Camry('88 & on), Land Cruiser('87 August & on) F-103
Land Cruiser(up to '81) FG-5
Land Cruiser('82 to '87 July), & all other models F-104
VW Eurovan('92 - '99 4cyl., 5cyl. Gas/Diesel engines) T-207
'98-'99 1.8L Turbo(Passat)--- *Requires adapter ADP-207 due to recessed plug T-207*
All other water cooled engines('99 & on oil pans with recessed plug require adapter ADP-106) F-106
Volvo All 4 cylinder engines. Other engines up to '75 T-204
6 cylinder engines('76 - '82) F-108
6 cylinder engines('83 & on). Diesel Turbo engines F-104
5 cylinder *(engines with recessed plug require adapter ADP-104) F-104*


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