CableCraft: Spool Valve Cables

Clutch Cables (Pull Only)
Used to operate hydraulic valves. Ideal for wet-line kits, relocating valves, or vehicle modifications. Mounting kits available for most popular "spool" type valves. 

Part No. 17X-334 Utility and 31X-334 EXT
Part No. 17X-335 Utility and 31X-335 EXT
Part No. 17X-342 Utility
Part No. 17X-351 Utility
Part No. 17X-352 Utility
Part No. CA260 Utility and CA261 EXT
Part No. CA22XG
Part No. CA22XT
Cable Mounting Kits

HUSCO 5000 Valve Control Cables
These cables include cable mounting bracket, jam nuts and clevis pin. 

Part No. 17X-341
Part No. 17XX-362 Utility and 31X-362 EXT
Part No. 17XX-363 Utility and 31X-363 EXT

Single and Multi Axis Levers

Single Axis Valve Lever
Cablecraft Joystick Multi-Axis Lever
Cablecraft HD Lever

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