CableCraft: Commercial Control Cables

Commercial Control Heads

Factory assembled, trim-to-length, with stainless steel solid wire innermember. Up to 3" travel, 5" min. bend radius and 20lb. pull load rating.

Micro Adjust
Twist Lock

Non-Lock (Shown with 306 Knob)

Twist-On Conduit Ends
(Standard for Control Heads on left)

3/8" Dia
Part No. 161-775

(Optional for Control Heads on left)

3/8 -24 UNF
Part No. 161-581

3/8" Dia
Part No. 161-579

Friction-Lock Kit

For Part No. 29V00.
Includes adjustment ring and compression washer.

Part No. 165-510-215

Part No. 286-009-L
("L"= Length)
This control allows for precise setting of the engine RPM when the PTO is engaged or as a manual control of the idle position during engine warm up. (Friction lock optional)

Part No. 165-437-L Black Knob ("L"= Length)
Part No. 165-438-L Black T-Handle ("L"= Length)
Spiral wound flat wire conduit
.054" solid stainless innermember


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